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*"The Vermillion Bird:" Avion(TM) wholesale brochure aimed primarily at the Chinese market. Ostrich and emu has been featured on banquet tables in Asia since ancient times, and was once known as "The Vermillion Bird".

*Wholesale price list: Avion(TM) Emu meat — This big bird is bred for its valuable oil and meat, and raised for maximum tenderness and carcass yield, making it a primary meat product, and the first choice of the discerning chef.

*Wholesale price list: Avion(TM) Ostrich meat — Ostriches are usually the most valued for the beautifully tanned leather of their hides, but they can also be delicious additions to your menu. Quality control over feed, slaughter methods and carcass age and weight is high at United Ratite Cooperative, ensuring a consistently good product.

*Participating retailers and restaurants: Greater Bay area listings of places you can try Avion(TM) products.

*Learn a little more about Avion(TM) ostrich and emu meat at the Avion(TM) Home Page. Cooking tips, nutritional information and helpful links to the ratite industry.

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